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An Association of Independent Lawyers in Winnipeg

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We are an association of independent Lawyers:
Alexander Dobrowolski (Dobrowolski Law Office)
Sharon Boonov (Boonov Law Office)
Peter Ginakes and Peggy Damianakos (Ginakes Law Office)

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Recent News


The passing of Alexander Dobrowolski

In 2013, we mourned the loss of Alexander Dobrowolski, a pillar of our firm. His legacy continues to inspire us as we’ve undergone transformative changes. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for his enduring contributions to our journey.


The move to our new office at 1850 Main.

In 2022, we embarked on a remarkable journey as we transitioned to our new office space, proudly owned by the firm. Situated in an exceptional location, our new home provides a solid foundation for our continued growth and success, serving as a testament to our commitment to excellence.


Sharon Boonov Retirement

In April 2023, we express our deep appreciation to Sharon Boonov for her outstanding contributions upon her retirement.


The retirement of the “Dobrowolski Boonov Ginakes”

In June 2023, we bid farewell to the “Dobrowolski Boonov Ginakes” Association of Independent Lawyers as we continue under “Ginakes Damianakos and Company.”

Our new Website is Coming Soon

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We invite you to take the next step in securing your legal needs. Our dedicated team at Ginakes Damianakos & Company is ready to assist you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for expert guidance and personalized solutions. Your legal journey starts here.


Peter Ginakes

Panagiota “Peggy” Damianakos

Telephone: (204) 942-0396
Facsimile: (204) 942- 0396

Office Address:

200 – 1850 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2V 3J4